More often than not, people look for employment for earning i.e. make a living. Many may be just interested to learn work or out of hobby and at the same time, money might not necessarily be an important factor for deciding where he or she wants to serve. But whatever be the reason, we understand the value of your efforts and that is why we have found out and compiled the various figures of salaries that a fresher or experienced professional can earn, the recent market value, the competition, etc., on our site.

One of the main things that one needs to know when looking for job opportunities is the pay scale and salary structures for various branches and levels of the profession. Keeping yourself updated will take you a long way and give you the power to strike a real good deal with the employer.

This section is created to help you find the right income scale for various job profiles. We have more than 100 main categories and around 500 sub categories of salary information.


We have provided the salary comparison and surveys for various job titles. Our database of income and wages is updated once a month.

Here are some good articles about how to negotiate your salary and other related stuff.

Highest Paid Jobs
As per our income figures, following are the highest paying jobs. There might be many other similar jobs, but then the number of such jobs are pretty less.

So following is the list of highest salaries:

Top Searched Salaries
These are the top 5 category of people who search the most on the net for salary comparison.

You will also find article on tactics like how to refuse a salary offer (more at order to get the recruiter or employer to increase the negotiated amount. This section is called presenting a good counter remuneration offer. At the same time, it pays well to gauge your aspirations and the capability of a particular company you have applied in. Do not go with pre-conceived notions about what does a particular profession gives you in terms of money and facilities. It is quite possible that some companies do not have a big turnover to give you what you have dreamt of for years. So alter your aspirations a bit according to the company and of course the job profile too.

More often than not what recruiters complain is that candidates do not do their homework well before appearing for the interview and they find this annoying when the candidate cannot speak up what his monetary expectations are. Remember, it has got nothing to do with modesty or anything if you choose to leave the salary negotiation one-sided. When you speak up, you present what you are worthy of.

Resumes, cover letters and interviews are like promotionary tools available for you while you are given a chance to being interviewed. Few out of many get to go till the stage you are in. Do not let it go waste. Be firm. The interviewers are trained to grill and gauge a person's level of interest in joining their organization and years of experience give them the power of judgment to make out if you are unable to take decisions on your own and that too in a short notice. So this brings on all the more reasons that you need to have a well balanced expectation and idea of how to handle the negotiation well.

Last but not the least, definitely hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. Be ready to say no if the deal does not suit you. Do not compromise to an extent that in the coming months, you will start getting frustrated because you are unable to meet ends. At the same time, a bit of compromise in the package (salary along with facilities) will not do much harm if the history of the company is good and dependable.

So all this boils down to one point, researching. Find out beforehand or in the interview itself by asking whatever you think you need to know about the company. There is no doubt that you will not get to know things with 100% clarity but yes, you can surely make out if the accounts and incentive policies are clear and employee-friendly. We are sure our website will help you to a great extent in preparing you with these. Wish you all the luck for your endeavors!

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